What to Look for in Homes Post the COVID-19 Outbreak?

What to Look for in Homes Post the COVID-19 Outbreak? A lot of new demands and desires have gone into redefining homes of the ‘new’ normal post the COVID 19 outbreak. By establishing new standards and needs of health, living in healthy homes has increased phenomenally. Between sustainable, well-designed, and luxury homes, homebuyers are now looking for a home that fulfills their need for space, work, and health. 
Now that COVID-19 has made the mode of living to change and the humans to adapt, that change is just the way of the world. Besides, the real estate sector is bound to attain and aspire to the needs of the public to re-invent the entire sector. Some of the changes that might take center-stage post-COVID- 19 are,
Fulfill The Purpose of Work from Home (WFH)  
The work from home stories are the most heard, making the need for home offices a fundamental need. Therefore, the high demand for space for a study room at home has increased largely. A space with proper seating, work surface, lighting, and no disturbance. With a dedicated space for work at home, can help in differentiating the tangled work-life balance. Having proper work from home setting can empower the occupant and do productive work as they would do in the office. 
Have A Healthy Home 
Builders and developers have understood the demands of changing times, by understanding the concept of a healthy home. A healthy home consists of everything in and around the house to promote the health and well-being of the occupant.  
With features and infrastructure that provides improved air quality, water, ample daylight, acoustics, and comfort of living without any hazards addicting health. Besides, the air quality and use of antibacterial paints, occupants must be connected with natural surroundings. These homes would be built with eliminating hazardous materials in building construction and tilt more towards enhancing the physical and emotional well-being of the occupant. 
Surrounded by A Healthy Neighborhood
As we gained the importance of healthy homes, it is important to acknowledge the juxtaposing effect of the outer surrounding of the house. Our health and wellbeing are often affected by a combination of environmental factors, be it pollution or lack of green spaces. Outer surrounding has a reflecting effect on the occupants mental, social, and physical health. Suraj Estate Developers have flats in Dadar at Suraj Palette that might encompass all the needs of a healthy neighborhood. 
The surrounding of the premise must be well maintained and safe, enabling social interaction, and active use of outdoor spaces. The neighborhood needs to have recreational areas, medical institutions, educational facilities, parks, and gardens. By providing a variety of local areas that are engaging and lively can boost the wellbeing of the residents. Having a healthy neighborhood is a demanding factor as residents look forward to living amidst a community for their health and wellbeing. 
Wellness and health integration
With health and wellness as a priority, it has been applied to everything including the homes we live in. As people all around the world at large have spent much of their time at home in the past few months, one thing has certainly been considered, i.e. A home should be spacious. During the pandemic, it has dawned on the residents the importance of living in a healthy home with proper air quality, lights, and space. Suraj Estate Developers provide luxaspacious homes with high ceilings, modern amenities and compelling view from their various new projects in Dadar.
Apart from the integration of wellness at home, there is a demand for fitness and meditation areas, leisure activities, and coworking spaces within the premises. Also, post COVID-19, kitchens would need to be the prioritized nook of the household. Cooking at home has increased as people are no longer eating out or ordering in making kitchens the most-used section now. Based on that, to keep proper hygiene, homes that have spacious kitchen space would be aimed by the homebuyers post COVID-19. 
These newly arrived demands and desires have spurred in the real estate sector quite rapidly. Top builders in Mumbai have implemented the factor of health and wellbeing as their ultimate goal. As homes are where we spend most of our life, it must be a great time to start looking after its health too.