A Better Life Begins Here

We believe a better life for one must mean a better life for all. This is why at Suraj, building world-class real estate is intertwined with empowering surrounding communities, the city and the environment at large. Our consciously-planned developments work to minimise impact on nature while creating strong systems in place for sustainable living: from using renewable energy sources in our projects to minimising construction waste. For thoughtful world citizens, we enable living in harmony with nature with spaces that are ready for an eco-conscious future.


Sustainable Architecture Planning

Our designs contribute towards a cleaner, greener and healthier environment. We use cross-ventilation, insulating roofs and windows that allow maximum natural light to reduce energy consumption by 8 to 10%. We also implement terrace gardens and thermal barriers, and reuse construction debris to minimise damage to nature.

Water Conservation Methods

We aim to conserve water by doing more than just efficient water landscaping. For our projects, we implement rainwater harvesting systems and use the Geberit Single Stack Drainage System to simplify complex pipe structures to optimise floor space.

Implementing Renewable Energy Resources

Suraj is future ready by harnessing renewable energy to conserve non-renewable energy resources. We have integrated charging infrastructure for electric vehicles in the building parking spaces and installed solar lights in clubhouses, swimming pools and common areas.

Low Voltage Operations

Low voltage operations are extremely environment-friendly and energy-efficient as they consume up to 90% less power. We use PL, CFL, LED lights, timers and sensors in our common areas to reduce voltage and power costs.

Energy Efficient Plumbing Fixtures

We install CPVC, UPVC and ASTM plumbing fittings which are more eco-friendly than more commonly-used galvanised iron pipes. We also use energy-efficient pumps and low-flow plumbing fixtures for underground tanks, Sewage Treatment Plants (S.T.P), swimming pools.

Reduce, Reuse & Recycle

Whether planning organisational merchandise or construction material, we first consider the environmental impact and work towards minimising it. During construction, our utmost priority is to reduce wastage, use leftover raw materials and recycle waste for future use.

Dry-Wet Garbage Disposal System

We know that segregation is the first step towards proper disposal of dry and wet wastes. A robust system in place is the first step to effective recycling and ensuring safe and sustainable waste disposal.

Friends of Trees

As part of a community called Friends of Trees, we work towards the preservation, protection and plantation of trees to maintain the ecological balance of the city. In compliance with the Municipal Corporation of Greater Mumbai (MCGM), we manage the central medians at Shivaji Park and Senapati Bapat Road, Dadar (W).


Suraj has successfully rehoused over 2000 families from South Mumbai chawls to state-of-the-art homes with modern amenities, free of cost. Under the Maharashtra State Government’s DCPR 2034 regulation Section 33(7), we enhance city living not just for our customers but the community as well. We aim to transform Mumbai with consciously-planned redevelopments in collaboration with our partners: the local authorities, our financial partners and the Government of India.

We also strive to improve the ecological balance in the city. We maintain green median strips on roads in Lower Parel, Haji Ali and Shivaji Park, looking after the daily upkeep and development of the plants. Suraj is building for the future: better homes and a better world.