Tips to Make the Most of the Season of Festivals

The last few months of the year are filled with waves of festive energy. The celebrations seem to get more pompous with time, especially in the post-pandemic world. It is easy to lose oneself in the many rituals and traditions associated with these days. Here is a list of small ideas to keep you and your home refreshed and ready.

Dust Away the Abandoned
Diwali cleaning is perhaps the most common activity throughout households. This year, dive into the pile of old and abandoned things, lost in corners of your home, but also of your mind. As you and your home feel anew, make way to hoard the many special memories awaiting you with each festivity.

Give Your Home A New Look
This festive season, be fearless. Paint the walls in bold colours or try those new aesthetics you had set your eyes on. Rearrange the furniture and redecorate your home with some ethnic glamour. Experiment and make your space reflect the positive energy of the occasion.

Fresh Starts from your Wishlist
Festivities are so often the auspicious beginnings you wait for to make special purchases or big decisions. This year, extend the spirit to creating fresh starts for yourself too. Try different activities, get back to old hobbies, or start something new that has been ageing in doubt at the back of your mind.

(Re)connect with Loved Ones
Host your family and friends for a dinner party and relive your special moments together. Festivals are a beautiful chance to reconnect and celebrate, especially after the restrictions of the pandemic and the racing schedules of the post-pandemic recovery.

Pause and Look Back
In the midst of all the smiles, take a pause and reflect on all that has gone well. Feel the gratitude of standing in a beautiful home with your loved ones surrounded by the twinkling lights, flowers and laughter that adorn the setting.

Be Curious and Experience the Vibrancy
The last few months of the year celebrate festivals across many religions and traditions. Make the most of all these experiences. Learn more about the vibrancy of different cultures and connect with people and their ways of celebrating life.

This year, take away more than a box of sweets and a full heart. Carry special memories of a new and adventurous festive season. In some of Mumbai’s best neighbourhoods of Dadar, Prabhadevi, Parel and Mahim, celebrate and feel the warmth of home at luxurious residences by Suraj Estate Developers.