Tech & Automation: A Rising Conversation with Your Home

The world is constantly advancing with new innovations in technology. All the spheres of living are being automated and homes are no exception. With the increasing pace of life, multiple tasks to juggle and the gradual shift to hybrid or remote work, home automation no longer remains a luxury but an expected feature.

The smart home sector has seen consistent growth in the Indian market and is expected to rise with a CAGR of approximately 12-14 %. Home users find many benefits of the new technology in making life easier and giving them space to focus on family and work while their home takes care of itself. Security is a major advantage that automation and technology provides. Advanced lock systems, installable security cameras and alarms linked with motion detectors ensure that your home is always protected.

Smart speakers and AI such as Alexa make it a simple task to give instructions and control the atmosphere of your home. Be it tuning down or brightening up the lights, adjusting the AC temperature or playing the right music, your home is at your command. Smart TVs have already swept the markets, especially since the pandemic and bring all your favourite entertainment on one large screen. High speed internet connections and AI filters have also integrated into daily lives, providing realistic backgrounds for all the work-from-home video calls and facilitating an efficient workflow.

Automation has entered the kitchen and living spaces as well with smart refrigerators that provide updated nutrition information, ensure fresh and healthy storage and keep you on top of your groceries. Washing machines, cooking appliances or ovens with timers let you immerse in your work withouting worrying about switching these off. The importance of fitness has gained a lot of awareness and technology around wellness tracking, food habits and workout schedules have made it easier to integrate healthy habits into daily lifestyles.

Integration of the various home devices has brought all the functions down to a tap on your phone. This means you can monitor and adjust your home through an app, even while you are away from home. Automation has brought homes to life, allowing a conversation-like delegation of daily tasks. What are some home automation systems you use or plan to install at your Suraj home? With spacious 1 to 5 BHK homes in prime Mumbai neighbourhoods, upgrade your modern lifestyle with these rising innovations.