Prepare and Protect your Home for the Mumbai Rains

It’s that time of year: when the days get cloudier and windier, and you start getting your rainwear out. Mumbai receives heavy rainfall between June and September, and with a little preparation, you can enjoy the beauty while ensuring your home is protected. Grab a cup of hot chocolate and read on for our tips to make your home monsoon-ready.

Switch your upholstery to lighter fabrics
Rains can cause dampness in the air which heavy fabrics on sofas and curtains pick up, leading to a foul smell. Switch to lighter fabrics like cotton and linen which are breathable, airy and dry fast. Opt for bright colours that make the space open and welcoming even with minimal sunlight.

Use moisture absorbants in cupboards
If left unchecked, moisture can destroy delicate fabrics, documents and books in cupboards, boxes and shelves. Use absorbants like silica gel, camphor and napthalene balls, which will keep your valuables dry and safe.

Check your ceiling and walls for seepage
Check your ceiling and walls for any cracks, dampness and ageing. Rains can worsen existing damage, causing large leaks and even fungus. Seal up any cracks and address the underlying causes of leakages. Ensure the wall paint or wallpaper is in good condition.

Take care to prevent illnesses
Stock up on disinfectant sprays to clean frequently touched surfaces like doorknobs, and use insect repellant to keep pests at bay. Ensure there is no waterlogging on the streets and that gutters are clear for water to pass through–this prevents mosquito breeding and diseases like dengue and malaria.

Purchase chargeable emergency electronics
In the event of a power outage, keep a set of charged emergency electronics ready to use–lights, fans and a battery bank for charging phones and laptops. At Suraj, all our homes have power back-up facilities that keep you charged even during local power failures.

Install a rainwater harvesting system
At Suraj, our apartments are fitted with state-of-the-art rainwater harvesting systems that collect and store rainwater. With fast depleting freshwater reserves, conserving rainwater allows us to minimise impact and dependence on natural resources and ensure an efficient water supply.

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