High Rise Apartments in Dadar Offer Splendid Views of Arabian Sea

Dadar is called as the heart of Mumbai city as it is fabulous located in the Center and enclosed within by the beautiful Arabian Sea. Dadar being amongst the first planned suburbs of Mumbai, its neighborhood is indeed always bustling with activities.
Dadar’s residents would vouch for its exceptional connectivity and available transportation options. It is a major station with local trains from central, western and harbor running through, a major outstation terminal and has the largest bus connectivity depot of Mumbai. Apart from its connectivity, it’s also well known for its shopping arcades and malls flanked by the famous street vendors selling accessories, necessities and delicious local delights.
The commercial area of Dadar offers large spaces for corporate offices and tons of job opportunities. Apparently many multinational companies are opening up offices and franchises in this centrally located area, thus attracting buyers and investors. Dadar is growing importance in the current scenario residentially too as old chawls are giving way to new high-rise buildings. Thus, changing the skyline of the place and making it look like Mumbai’s New Manhattan.
There is no surprise that Dadar is gradually becoming everyone’s choice for residential dwelling and investment in real estate. The staggering increase in ROI proves the need of several high rises and skyscraper being built there. Best of many educational and medical facilities are available in the vicinity too, giving an added comfort to its residents. But, the unbeatable motivation to live in the Apartments of Dadar is the incredible view of the Arabian Sea that it offers.

Prominent Residential Neighbourhoods  of Dadar include

  • Shivaji Park- Famous for its large open space, Historical political gatherings and the best Athletic ground offering tons of sports training especially cricket
  • Worli – Bandra Sea link view, is indeed one of the best bridges connecting SOBO to its suburbs built over the Arabian Sea with beautiful architecture
  • Dr.B.R.Ambedkar Memorial (Chaitya Bhoomi)- Chaitya Bhoomi is a revered place of pilgrimage for all Ambedkarites and Buddhists in the World, earlier known as Dadar Chowpatty.
  • Dadar is also home to the Mumbai Mayor’s Bungalow, the official residence of the Mayor of Mumbai.

Living in Mumbai that too comes with a package of sea view home, is a dream. Being a shore city Mumbai and its central suburbs such as Dadar and Prabhadevi get the benefit of the most splendid view of the Arabian Sea. If this city offers dreams, it’s certainly the developers like Suraj Estate that promise its fulfillment. Their projects such as the Tranquil Bay, The Palette and Mangirish in Dadar West and Prabhadevi not only offer the most luxurious amenities but the best view of the Arabian sea. Louisandra at Gokhale Road Dadar west is a stunning 22 storey tower with impeccable construction and the most breathtaking view of the Bandra Sea link and the Arabian Sea. The Ocean Star at the serene Dadar Chowpatty beach area undoubtedly is the most fascinating 30 storey tower offering luxurious sea view flats.
Dadar’s geographical location and rampant commercial development have made this area perfect for dream chasers and dream fulfillers. The high rises rising above the horizon of the concrete jungle delivers the most awe-inspiring view of the city. It’s the perfect head-to-head setting for Mumbai’s busy life, where you can recline in every time when you back home with the beautiful view of the Arabian Sea.