Health and Wellness begins at Home – Now, more than ever

The COVID-19 pandemic has undoubtedly changed the way we used to live our lives earlier, but the one thing that we have adopted during the quasi-lockdown is staying healthy. From wearing a mask, using sanitizers and social distancing, how are we going to make our home healthy, wealthy, and wise?
It is not only wise to stay healthy by taking precautions but also by living in a home that is safe. Before the pandemic, top builders in Mumbai and luxury developers shifted the housing structure from luxury to affordable housing. The ‘new’ normal for a health-conscious generation has passed over from diet, gym, and healthy routine to mainly having a strong immune.  The term healthy amidst the pandemic has shifted to a more holistic state of being from having proper health of oneself to having a healthy home. Apart from mental peace, people have begun to understand the value of healthy living.

Have a Healthy Lifestyle

Consuming healthy food, having a fitness regime, and monitoring your health has become a lifestyle for many people. Apart from enduring a healthy lifestyle, the COVID 19 pandemic has made people turn homes into healthy homes. By the time we survive the pandemic, people around the world might have realized that the necessity of a house in a clean and safe locale with every necessity around them is quite necessary. A home with good indoor air quality made up of Non-toxic building materials with a healthy dose of sunlight and an active pursuit of one’s needs makes it a Healthy Home. Buyers won’t look for a house just because of standard and stature anymore but for health and wellness as well.

 Be Acknowledged for Wellness

The future-focused Real Estate companies have begun readdressing the safety precautions taken by them leading to all the components that make up a healthy home. The potential buyers shall only be acknowledged if they know the measures taken by the Real Estate company. To serve the healthy home market, the real estate sector has begun to take steps towards Energy-efficient and sustainable buildings. With better use of building products like VOC paint, formaldehyde-free building materials, and vent fans they might help in meeting the new healthy home standards in the market.

A Healthy Customisable Infrastructure

A healthy home comes from the core of the infrastructure. For the house to be healthy it must be open to renewable energy which lets in plenty of natural light. Apart from the layout of the home, the paints used must contain no VOCs and harmful chemicals. Walls must be built with maximum sound insulation that keeps the outside noise where it belongs. With the use of smart ventilation, it can enhance your indoor air quality. With the passive design, it will help in preventing uncomfortable climate conditions at lower costs. The windows too must provide maximum outdoor views and allow natural airflows that will enhance air quality. By building such an infrastructure this home could adhere to all the qualities of a healthy home.

Reassure the Buyer

Builders and developers must assure the customers of their safety and wellbeing as healthier environments are the proceeding step towards healthy living. What buyers need to know about energy-efficient, airy, and healthy homes is that the indoor air needs to be cleaned to ensure a healthy home. Such steps towards a healthy living space have been initiated by Suraj Developers by ensuring a Zero Contact Site visit amidst the pandemic at all their projects including Suraj Palette and an array of luxury flats for sale in Mumbai, flats in Mahim and flats in Dadar where during the site visits the safety of the buyers are on absolute priority.
Factors like aesthetics, resilience, and expenditure will always be considered by the homeowners while buying a home, but so is for oneself and their family’s well being. Post-Pandemic Health and Wellness shall begin at every home with the acceptance of healthy homes and healthy living.