Building for the Future

As the world transforms around us, we must keep pace. At Suraj Estate Developers, we believe research is an essential part of creating homes that provide convenience and comfort to our residents. Our strategies for projects are based on new developments, a study of current and future market demands and a sustainable outlook for construction.

Along with handpicking locations of historical importance and scenic beauty, we plan developments in and around the metro corridor in an effort to increase accessibility for residents. This also ensures a reduction in the carbon footprint of Suraj families. Further, we see the walk-to-work concept as a new trend and thus new developments are also planned around the Lower Parel Commercial Business District.
We have seen a rise in the demand for smaller apartments with higher quality as opposed to the earlier preference for larger 3 & 4 BHK homes. Owing to this we have focussed some of our developments on spacious 1 & 2 BHK homes in the heart of the city. Homeowners prefer larger balconies, terraces and decks and these are features that Suraj has embedded in its projects. We also ensure to incorporate ramp car parking in most of our projects as it is space efficient and less dependent on electricity.
New innovations and technologies are supporting architecture in its aim of becoming more sustainable. At Suraj, it is mandatory to conduct wind tunnel analyses for all projects. This ensures that our buildings and structures are strong enough to take the wind loads, considering the effects of global warming and the erratic changes in the climate. To this end, we have installed heat pumps to reduce power consumption and EV charging points as we transition to electric vehicles. As a standard practice, all Suraj buildings contain solar panels and rainwater harvesting systems.

We believe in smart planning that ensures maximum ventilation, natural lighting and efficient use of resources. Suraj’s construction is a consistent step toward homes that are more environment-friendly and accessible.