Location is one of the key points to consider before buying a flat in Mumbai

If you are planning to buy a Flat in Mumbai, there are several factors you may have to consider, but the most important is ‘location’.

This city is the commercial capital of our Country. It is claimed as the busiest city with a massive population. The good news is the infrastructure of the city is developing at a rapid pace. Not only the city has the most number of towers but also the busiest roads, rails and highways. This island city is a dream home destination for all seeking to make it big, therefore a wise decision in terms of ‘location’ can go a long way.

The biggest question while trying to purchase a home is – how to choose a good locality for yourself and whether or not to give more preference to the ‘house’ or its ‘location’? The answer is rather simple as you can upgrade your house conditions but not your location. So it’s best to base your decision largely on the area than the house.

A good location affects the quality of your life fundamentally and brings stability and prosperity. Its impact on general life is magnanimous as well as it decides your homes future value. Attractive Areas with a vibrant layout and several options for schools, colleges, offices, restaurants, shopping malls, movie theatres and hospitals often beat other areas in demand. Locations with amenities for social, cultural and financial growth often sell like hot cake.

These are a few tips you may wish to consider before choosing a location for your home.

  1. Safety – An environment where you feel secured and welcomed with an open-minded multi-cultural neighborhood. An all-inclusive area can unburden so many of your social anxieties and give you an opportunity to meet and mingle with the like-minded. If not so you may feel threatened and suspicious. Families nuclear or extended both need security to enjoy safe living conditions.
  2. Connectivity- This Factor is a must otherwise you could feel stranded and helpless to reach anywhere. If your location is not well connected you may have to miss out on a lot of commitments. Easy conveyance solutions make life so much cooler and happening. It benefits a lot of self-employed home organizations too as it can be easily reached from anywhere.
  3. Neighborhood – Even in a large city like Mumbai, different neighborhoods can have drastically different characteristics. One needs to be vigilant enough to choose a location with a neighborhood that resonates with their personality and future plans.
  4. Educational Institutes – Even if you don’t have children, the schools and colleges around the location is a very important consideration. The quality of a school can impact future home value. A good school often churns out much better citizens with higher values for life
  5. Employment – A long commute can exhaust you. Moreover, you may have to change your employment status. Make sure the area you are looking at has several Business hubs. Long drive times and traffic hours are not for most people especially living in Mumbai.
  6. Leisure Activities – It is so much better to have tasteful recreational activities right in your vicinity. Life is such a breeze when Malls, movie theatres and good restaurants are just a stone throw away.

Ultimately, if you buy a beautiful flat in Mumbai in a questionable area, you could have a hard time selling the property. Often, it is better to purchase a home in a great location.