How to Choose the Right Plants for your Home

Plants instantly add life to home décor. They brighten up corners and add freshness to spaces. But how should you choose which plant to keep where? What level of care is ideal for a plant in the living room versus one in the balcony? We have a handy list you can refer to in order to select the perfect plants for your home. 



These tiny plants look like a beautiful cross between flowers and plants; they are ideal for your study desk or narrow window sills. Succulents are fairly low-maintenance and require little water occasionally. 

Bonsai Trees

You can find them in several varieties in India. Bonsai trees are great for side tables: require minimum care but are big on character. Choose Juniper for a Japanese-inspired vibe or coconut for an Indian look. 

Citrus Trees 

Citrus trees like lemon or orange are a great choice to add some colour and spunk to a room. Their size makes them perfect for corners; place them by windows so they catch some light as well.

Rubber Plants 

These are decorative plants that also act as natural air purifiers. Keep yours in a minimal ceramic pot next to seating or reading areas. You only need to keep the soil moist and ensure it gets indirect sunlight.  


Hanging Terrariums 

Terrariums add a delicate beauty to any space, and hanging versions are great for balconies. Choose one with your favourite plants, hang it in the shade and add in fairy lights for a picture-perfect spot.  


From marigold, hyacinth to jasmine and pansies, set your balcony in bloom with the flowers of your choice in your favourite colours. Line up the ledges with creeping bougainvillaea and roses: the soft fragrance is an added bonus. 

Aloe Vera 

Aloe is one of the easiest plants to care for: it loves sunlight and can be watered once a week or less. But you’ll keep coming back for the aloe vera gel as it’s great for the hair and skin. #HomeRemedies 

Dragon Tree 

A dragon tree plant grows tall and comes in different varieties. While it acts as a natural air purifier, some varieties can also be toxic. Let it stand tall behind other plants and keep away from direct sunlight as it can harm the leaves. 

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