How to choose lights for each room of your house?

Staying at home during the lockdown and even working from home might make you wonder where to set up your new work station. Every part of your home may have different kinds of lights depending on the usage and structure of the room. Homes with developed interior often have such proper lighting emphasized according to the room. But for those who don’t, Suraj Estate as top builders in Mumbai have certain insights on how one must choose lights for their desired rooms.
Your home consists mainly of a Bedroom, Kitchen, Living Room, and a Study room if you have one. Every room goes under certain types of lighting based on its purpose. Each room, therefore, has proper, specific, and unique lighting to enhance every nook to its full potential with general and natural lighting needs.

Living Room
  • Natural Light – Living rooms usually have large windows that bring in natural sunlight during the day. But with general or ambient lights it illuminates the overall lighting of a room naturally during the evening.
  • False Ceiling Fixtures – Every living room sports a false ceiling fixture. To make it the highlight and enhance the living room’s ambiance LED lights can be used into the false ceiling to have a dramatizing effect.
  • Chandeliers – With a large living room, who doesn’t fancy a tangling chandelier? Chandeliers can be the epitome of your general or ambient living room lighting
  • Wall Sconces – The traditional wall fixtures with arms remain the most popular for any room with ambient or accent lighting. Depending on the motive of making the room come alive wall sconces can be used for highlighting frames or artworks in the living room.
  • Smart Lights – In a 20th Century modest living room, one surely wouldn’t want wires hanging sound the sockets. Smart wireless LED lights can be used instead of wired outlets to conceal a piece of a showpiece or be added at the top of a bookcase as a dimmer.
  • Balcony Lights – If your living room has a balcony like the one at Suraj Palette then they might need a little spark of light too. With an overhanging pendant light will be a great outdoor piece. An outdoor metal or asymmetric chandelier can look magnificent with modern furniture if any. Wall sconces and decorative fixtures can make the balcony have an artful vibe.  The use of hidden lights can also have an explicit effect with only the illumination will be seen and not the light fixtures.
  • Accent Lights – Bedrooms are not usually used until it’s time to bed. So, accent lights can be used to highlight a framework or to outline the bed linings. Accent lights can be used for a dramatic effect as it creates a shadow around the object. In a bedroom, overhead lights work perfectly instead at the front or side.
  • Track lights – Track lights can be used to give a versatile touch to the bedroom as those lamps can be turned around in whatever direction required. The lamps can also be used as an accent to highlight the dressing table or a mirror that will reflect and illuminate the whole room.
  • String Lights – Using the concept of string lights can work perfectly fine. A string of mini bulbs adds an aesthetic feel to any outdoor/indoor space. Also, string lights are easy to put up and move wherever and whenever required.
  • Ambient Lights -The ambient light should be placed overhead with a task light to illuminate the counter space of the kitchen. As it is the most used room in your house as not only do we prepare food there but also dine.
  • Pendant Lights –  These are generally light hangings, they hang from the ceiling and are equipped with shades to avoid light spread. They can be used over the dining room tables, countertops, shelves, cabinets, or other areas. Use of this will give the up-lighting in the kitchen or over the dining table. A pendant light can give you sufficient and adequate light to perform chores around the kitchen.
  • Decorative Fluorescent Fixtures – Instead of using bulbs and pendant lights one can also opt for fluorescent lights over the edge of the cabinets or on the wall. The main activity areas can be highlighted by these fixtures. Fluorescent lights are cost-efficient than other lights. With the use of fluorescent lights your kitchen might get an ambient touch and give the space a brighter look.
Study Room
  • Desk Lights – Study rooms can be destined by performing task desk lights to give a brighter light for the work or reading area. A desk light can be used for the desk area and must be positioned in a way to minimize shadows and reflections.
  • Light Fixture – To highlight other parts of the room desk lamps and under-shelves lights can be used. Lighting fixtures can help as minimal lighting for reading books or paperwork, working at the computer, or any common tasks. It is to ensure that a light fixture is not laced opposite the computer or else it will end up in creating a reflection.
  • Natural Light – during the day, natural sunlight from the window can do the work. One can position the reading chair next to a window and read in the natural light. Even if the light seems not enough by noon a table lamp can provide enough lighting for reading.

Include such lights for every possible corner in your rooms or at our luxury flats for sale in Mumbai at flats in Dadar and flats in Mahim. By adding these varieties of lights it might not only bring out the beauty of the home at night but also add extra detailing to the little things which crave attention.