Health Benefits of Living Near the Beach

Imagine the swish of waves in your living room. Not from a Spotify playlist, but live. This is just one of the perks of having a home near a beach. You can feel the waves on your skin and salt in the air. Your virtual meetings have a real sea in the background, and your balcony becomes everyone’s favourite photo spot. Living near the beach also comes with several health benefits.

Breathe in Fresh Air
Air around water bodies undergoes more frequent circulation as compared to air elsewhere and hence is purer. Particularly near the sea, the air is charged with negative ions which help the body absorb oxygen better. Breathing in fresh air makes us more alert and reduces anxiety by increasing serotonin levels.

Enjoy Better Sleep
The sight and sound of water are therapeutic. Imagine watching the sea for hours, listening to the water gurgle; you slow down, feel calmer and let go of thoughts weighing you down. Doing this from the comfort of your home means you feel rejuvenated all day, and can fall asleep faster and deeper at night. Better sleep improves overall health and energy levels.

Build a Stronger Immune System
With reduced stress and better sleep, the body gets stronger every day. Additionally, plants and trees growning near the water give off chemicals known as phytoncides, which increase the white blood cell count, allowing you to fight infections better. Living near the beach not only increases your life span but also improves your quality of life.

Recharge with Fun Activities by the Beach
Choose from a plethora of activities for entertainment, relaxation or fitness. Spend mornings doing yoga or running by the sea and evenings hosting a sundowner for friends. Under supervision, you can also enjoy swimming, fishing and other water sports. Pretty much everything is better when done by the sea.

Live Connected with Nature
Surrounded by water, your body and mind fall into a rhythm with the waves. Living in tune with nature gives you a deep sense of satisfaction and fulfilment. Amid the hustle of a city, this allows you to connect with nature on a regular basis, reducing anxiety and improving well-being. A house by the sea gives you the key to happiness.

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