7 Quick Ways to Improve Your Home Decor

How many times have we looked around our home and thought, “this can definitely look better”, and then ignored that voice in our head because who has the time? Revamping your home doesn’t have to be a months-long process. In fact, some surprisingly quick hacks can make your interiors look completely new. Here are some tips to get you started: 

Think of a colour story  

Build on existing colours in your room to focus your efforts on one colour story; this makes the place look more coordinated and put together. Go monochrome with shades of one colour–from chic whites to warm yellows–or use a family of colours for a more vibrant look. P.S. look towards nature for inspiration. 

Minimal is better 

Too many things in one place can easily make it look chaotic. Drive home a sense of calm by decluttering your spaces. Having less elements around also makes things easily accessible and ensures you utilise the space better. #WinWin 

Create areas for conversations 

A thoughtfully designed home keeps in mind how people will use it. Get creative and spruce up your window as a seating area, dining space for shared meals and reading corners with a standing bookshelf. Fair warning: people will never want to leave.

Add a rug, art or wallpaper  

The easiest way to uplift a space is to make a statement. Add a pattern to your room by throwing in a rug, or using a complementary wallpaper on just one of the walls. You could even add a painting or sculpture to brighten up a dull corner. 

Switch up your lighting 

Lighting is one of the most ignored elements of a home. Add a statement light to elevate your living room, or change the colours for a completely different vibe. Simple additions like a dimmer can take your home gatherings up a notch.

Add photographs 

Your favourite photographs can make the space feel warm and personal, as well as share your story with friends and family members. Choose between frames for the wall or table and mix the sizes up to create interest. 

Include plants 

From tiny succulents ideal for your study desk to herb gardens made for kitchen windowsills, there’s a plant for every kind of space. Pick from colourful ceramic pots and hanging planters and experiment with plant colours and sizes for a thoughtfully curated look.  

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