6 Tips to add a Green Touch to your Home

Adding some greenery to your home is very remarkable and striking. Lush potted plants aid and abet the air and bring forth more oxygen. The botany has a lot of plants that are preferable at air purifying than others. Apart from just serving its purpose to clean indoor air, plants can be of great use to spruce up space. 
Skip The Ordinary Pots 
One of the ways to be decorative with plants is to skip the ordinary pots you put your plants in. To make your home look stunningly diverse sap buckets can look brilliantly picturesque as they come in a variety of colors that can hold plants. If your home has high walls like the Suraj Palette, it is another antique way to show them is in a vintage tin enamel piece that can hold your plants on high walls. Succulents plants in little clay pots or small glass containers on top of your shelf or desk can work wonders. Any vessel or container of your liking can be used as a holder and can give an appealing artistic touch in your home. 
Add Green to Your Bedroom
Our bedrooms are for absolute tranquil and relaxation. Adding a touch of plants in your room can be a rare and merely desirable way to purify and improve the air quality of your home. A potted plant beside the side lamp or on your dressing table can look desirable and highly ornamental. Choose plants that release oxygen at night, which can help you get a more restful and calming sleep.
Place plants on Highlighting Points
Plants can be best to use as a highlight differentiating specific areas of your home. To create facades and an exemplary element in a spacious living room can be an out of the ordinary move. Using an array of large indoor plants can naturally boost up your living space appeal by adding vibrant colors. 
Leave A Trail of Greens
The use of trail plants at home is convenient as it is popular and easy to look after. With the ongoing trend of macramé, trail plants can be placed on them. Using these trails together can give a picturesque landscape view to any room. 
Mini Gardens 
Having mini-gardens at home does not add only a dramatic effect to your indoors but also gives plenty of green space. To create a mini garden, you can fill your home with tiny plants in pen pots, tin cans, and teapots on any mantelpiece or shelf. Adding a green touch to your home comes with the additional benefit of natural air filters. It is well-known that plants act as a kind of ‘pollutant sponge’. As plants absorb all kinds of toxins in the atmosphere from man-made products including paint, carpets, furniture, and cleaning products. Small species of plants with wide oblong lead to good air quality and makes the room more appealing. 
Plant up your home office
Now that all of us are working at home, adding some green to your workspace can reduce stress and be useful to increase productivity. It also helps in accelerating concentration and reduces the chances of falling sick. Sharing one’s desk space with plants purifies the air and also boosts creativity. 
To have such green additions to your interiors, it is more beneficial if you have a spacious home. Suraj Estate Developers as one of the top builders in Mumbai have projects in the thriving location of South Mumbai with new projects in Dadar and flats in Mahim